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Drug Treatment Centers Rutherford (201) 620-9130 Alcohol Rehab offers a free advisory service to help you or your loved one struggling with addiction and may receive compensation from Featured or Sponsored listings.

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The scourge of drug abuse has left its mark on the city of New Jersey. With data showing more than 6,000 overdose deaths in just seven years in the city including multiple victims from the Rutherford area, the need for drug treatment centers that provide residents with comprehensive and integrative treatment protocols is urgent. Drug Treatment Centers Rutherford is here to help.

To stem the death toll, city officials have enacted tighter monitoring controls to prevent illicit distribution of pain medication and the subsequent rise in the sale of heroin on city streets. Drug court mandate for participation in programs at drug treatment centers and stiffer penalties for health professionals convicted of illegal pill distribution and sales represent an aggressive, non-tolerance stance. These laws work in tandem with drug treatment centers who deal with the end stage of the problem. Timely treatment at a drug treatment center can mean the difference between life and death because a fatal drug overdose is literally just the next use away for some.

Addiction Intervention, a service provided at Drug Treatment Centers Rutherford is in some cases the first step into the rehabilitation process for those whose addiction makes it difficult for them to seek help for themselves. The drug intervention process is an extremely significant and critical procedure that should not be undertaken without first seeking professional help.

When you call our drug treatment centers we can connect you with an addiction interventionist that can guide you through the step-by-step process of hosting a drug intervention for your loved one. In instances where the addiction is at risky levels and family members are unsure of their ability to get the person in addiction to accept treatment, our interventionist can oversee the process to facilitate immediate admission into a treatment program.

The fact is most people suffering with substance abuse are either in denial or too preoccupied with seeking and using drugs to get the help they need. At Drug Treatment Centers Rutherford, we meet the person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction exactly where they are. Many of our board certified doctors and nurses have personal experience with addiction and as such are able to fully empathize with what the patient is going through. As such they provide, in addition to medical knowledge, empathy and understanding.

It is also important for substance abusers to understand that they do not have to halt drug use in order get help.
Drug Abuse Treatment

Rutherford residents can chose from various treatment options such as:

  • Residential Treatment – This option has been shown to be the most effective in helping patients to maintain long term sobriety. This alcohol and drug treatment program enable those in recovery to live in a serene, state of the art drug free environment for a period of 30 to 90 days or more based on the specific needs of the client. During this recovery period, patients are able to immerse themselves into the recovery process.
  1. Intensive Outpatient programs allows the continuance of life at home while pursuing drug rehabilitation. Patients are able to return home after participating in the recovery program for a specified number of hours during the day.

Both programs may involve a detoxification processes that entails around the clock medical oversight to ensure your safety and comfort during the drug or alcohol withdrawal process. Patients in this program who go through the medical detox process will also be required to stay at the facility until elimination is completed and they are stabilized and ready to move on with their treatment.

Our primary goal for every incoming client is that they achieve full recovery that they are able to sustain outside of rehab. As such we provide a thorough relapse prevention program as well as options to help individuals to make the transition from rehab back into the daily life.

About Rutherford, NJ

Rutherford is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey that bounded by the Passiaic River to the west and the Hackensack River bordering Secaucus to the Southeast. Based on a 2013 census data Rutherford has a population of 38,348. This New Jersey city has been the host for various town events, concerts, and memorials for decades such as summer concerts, movie nights in the park and the County Cultural Festival, in the fall. Rutherford also holds the longest running street fair in New Jersey that attract over 20,000 people every year on Labor Day.

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse in Rutherford, professional addiction specialists are available 24 hours each day, Seven days a week to help you get the treatment you need. Call Drug Treatment Centers Rutherford at (201) 620-9130.


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