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Addiction is a chronic illness that must be treated for an addict to enjoy a normal life. However, most people cannot maintain sobriety unless engaged in addiction aftercare. Unfortunately, most people who attend drug rehab will relapse at least once in their lives. Addiction aftercare can greatly reduce this risk.

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Who Needs Addiction Aftercare?

Almost everyone needs to participate in some type of addiction aftercare program. Those who had a mild addiction may not feel the need for further care after initial treatment, but the majority of addicts will require further assistance to avoid returning to the old lifestyle. Addiction aftercare may be temporary and only last a few weeks or months. It may also be life-long as with the case of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs. The type of addiction aftercare required will depend on the length and type of addiction and if the person has a strong support system. In most cases, aftercare is highly recommended.

Types of Aftercare

For those who have long-term addictions, abused multiple substances or had dual diagnoses, halfway houses or sober living homes may be necessary. In these residences, the person is still away from former influences and triggers while beginning a new routine.

Outpatient addiction aftercare programs involve meetings, continued therapy and even social events that continue for several months after treatment; possibly longer. Individual counseling may continue to deal with issues that arise, while group meetings often provide education and support for problems as they appear during recovery.

Is Aftercare Necessary?

Addicts who do not receive aftercare support often return to the substance they were using or turn to another one when stress occurs or problems arise. Relapse occurs in over half of people who complete addiction treatment. Most of those occur within the first year, but relapse can happen at any time, even after many years of the addict initially achieved sobriety.

People often wonder why reverting back to drug use is a major problem. They rationalize their mistakes because they can happen to anyone; people deserve a second chance. Relapse is not necessarily the end of sobriety or a sign of failure. However, the issue is that many people who do have a relapse refuse to seek treatment a second time. Even if they do, it may not be as effective. The person remembers the earlier mistake and may feel that recovery is impossible. He or she may not be as committed as the first time.

Statistics show that the majority of people revert back to drug use within the first year. The number drops dramatically after someone can maintain five years of sobriety. While no solid statistics exist for how many of those continue with aftercare, it is a well-known fact that many addicts stay in AA, NA or other 12-step programs for their entire lives.

Addicts in relapse prevention programs make it a priority to attend weekly meetings even 10 or 20 years later. Those who are able to stay clean for a long period of time do so by focusing on maintaining sobriety; they understand that the potential for relapse is always prevalent. Therefore, they are actively able to avoid it.

If you or a loved one is looking at treatment options for a drug or alcohol addiction, make sure you consider programs that include aftercare. Recovery is a long journey, not an event. Finding an addiction aftercare program that will continue to offer much-needed support can make all the difference in long-term success. Start your recovery today– call Drug Treatment Centers Rutherford now at (201) 620-9130.

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